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sassygaythiefofheaven asked
☠ (angry/violent headcanon) Dean and also Gabriel

Wow, tough one! I’m going to answer “what situation would they get angrier for? Do they get violent when they get angry?”, something like that, okay? That’s how I understand this one, so here goes : 

Dean : As he grows older, Dean tends to keep everything for himself. Mostly if he gets angry it’s at Sam (and imo it’s not always justified. Sam is not the only one who fuck things up). He doesn’t yell, though. He just sulks. Until eventually the conflict resolves itself or someone else starts yelling first. The only situation I see him yell at people first is when someone he loves gets themselves in danger and he wasn’t there to protect them. 

Gabriel : Gabriel treats everything as a joke, because it’s easier that way. He doesn’t like conflict (and that’s one of the reason he left Heaven in the first place. Easier to flee than to face things). But now that he stood up for himself, after the averted apocalypse, he’s a bit more open about his emotions. Being an angel, I think it’s in his nature to be a bit wrathful, so maybe if something pisses him off really hard he would be the type to at least be vocally violent. I don’t think he’d hit anyone because of anger, though. After all, he’s avoided physical confrontations for centuries before he met the Winchesters.

Uh I’m not sure this is good x) It’s something I never really thought about in depth… That’s how I see it from everything I took from canon anyway. Hope you like that one :p

Headcanon meme!

omano-chan asked
☾ - Gabriel... Does he even sleep at all?

☾ - sleep headcanon : Gabriel

Gabriel does sleep sometimes. He knows he doesn’t need to, but some days or some nights he’s bored and he doesn’t know what to do, especially when he’s with Dean and he has to give him a few hours of sleep, so he just take a little nap to pass the time.

It’s either that or play prank on a sleeping Dean, but last time he did that it didn’t end well, so now he waits until Dean is awake. He can’t prank Sam either, because Sam understood all too quickly that if he didn’t react when he woke up with his face covered in whipped cream or with little drawings of dicks on his forehead Gabriel wouldn’t be pleased at all.  

So Gabriel sleeps. He cuddles with Dean and he just wakes up a few minutes before the human, so he can enjoy the look of embarassment on Dean’s face when he realizes he’s the little spoon. That never gets old.


Headcanon meme~


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☾ - sleep headcanon

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☆ - happy headcanon

☠ - angry/violent headcanon

✿ - Sex headcanon

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Oh, it’s sunday already, isn’t it?

Well, I’m sorry but there won’t be a Ride that wind back home update today :/ 

I feel like I’m overwhelmed by work and I couldn’t find the time to write. I’ll do my best so you can have the chapter next week!